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Creating a New WordPress Project

Installing using Upstream

Clone the repo to start using our decoupled WordPress template:

git clone [email protected]:pantheon-upstreams/decoupled-wordpress-composer-managed.git

The following options are available when using the Pantheon Platform:

If you are deploying to pantheon, you may also choose one of the following options:

  • Create from Decoupled WordPress Composer Managed upstream:

    • Via the Pantheon Dashboard at this link:

    • Or Alternatively via Terminus:

      terminus site:create my-new-site "Describe Site" --org='My Team Name' c9f5e5c0-248f-4205-b63a-d2729572dd1f
    • Replace '{My Team Name}' with your team name - for example My Agency. This can also be omitted.
    • c9f5e5c0-248f-4205-b63a-d2729572dd1f is upstream_id for Decoupled WordPress Composer Managed.

Install WordPress:

Visit the Site by clicking on the Visit Development Site button to Install via the UI—selecting. The same can be done via terminus remote:wp.

Completing Your Configuration

_Pantheon Front-End Sites

The following will be available when the pantheon-decoupled plugin is being used:

Once logged into the development site, a message will display directing you to the Pantheon Front-End Sites settings page. Through this settings page, the following steps should be completed to fully configure your project:

  • Edit the example preview site, or create a new preview site. See the instructions for creating a new preview site.
  • In the preview site list, select the Regenerate Variables action next to your new preview site. Proceed through this modal and copy the generated application password.
  • All other environment variables needed to configure your Front-End Site can be accessed via the Environment Variables action in the preview site table.

See your starter kit's related Setting Environment Variables documentation for more information on how to set these variables in your local development environment or on the Pantheon Dashboard.