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Creating a New WordPress Project

Installing using Upstream

  • Create from Decoupled WordPress Composer Managed upstream:

    • Via the Pantheon Dashboard at this link:

    • Or Alternatively via Terminus:

      terminus site:create my-new-site "Describe Site" --org='My Team Name' c9f5e5c0-248f-4205-b63a-d2729572dd1f
    • Replace '{My Team Name}' with your team name - for example My Agency. This can also be omitted.
    • c9f5e5c0-248f-4205-b63a-d2729572dd1f is upstream_id for Decoupled WordPress Composer Managed.

Install WordPress:

Visit the Site by clicking on the Visit Development Site button to Install via the UI—selecting. The same can be done via terminus remote:wp.