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Before You Begin

The Pantheon gatsby-wordpress-starter uses Gatsby v4 and has been tested using nodejs v16 with npm v8. You may want to install the gatsby cli globally, or use npx

Why Use The Gatsby WordPress Starter?

The gatsby-wordpress-starter is designed as a starting point to for a Gatsby site that consumes data from a WordPress backend - specifically a WordPress backend configured with the pantheon-decoupled and wp-graphql plugins installed.

The starter has a dependency on the @pantheon-systems/wordpress-kit, which includes some helpers that maximize any available features of the WordPress backend.

Creating A New Project With The Template

To create a project using the latest version of the Gatsby WordPress Starter, use our create-pantheon-decoupled-kit npm package.

The full documentation for the create-pantheon-decoupled-kit can be found here.

Before you continue, familiarize yourself with our Gatsby WordPress add-ons, a suite of optional project expansions that bring new components, features, and styling into your starter kit.

To create a new project using create-pantheon-decoupled-kit:

  1. In your terminal, run the following command:
npm init pantheon-decoupled-kit -- gatsby-wp
  1. Follow the prompts in your terminal to complete the setup.

Next Steps

See the rest of the Gatsby WordPress documentation for more information on setting environment variables and customizing your new project!