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Pantheon Systems Drupal Kit

Utilities to help simplify the process of sourcing data from a Drupal backend for a Front-End Site hosted on Pantheon.


To install this package to use in your application:

npm install @pantheon-systems/drupal-kit


Modules can be imported from the @pantheon-systems/drupal-kit package. For example, to use Drupal State to source data from your CMS backend:


  1. Import DrupalState in your JavaScript application:
    import { DrupalState } from ' @pantheon-systems/drupal-kit';
  2. Create an instance of the store and specify the root of your API:
    const store = new DrupalState({
    apiBase: '',
  3. Get a collection of objects:
    const recipesFromApi = await store.getObject({ objectName: 'node--recipe' });
  4. Get a single object:
    const recipeFromStore = await store.getObject({
    objectName: 'node--recipe',
    id: '33386d32-a87c-44b9-b66b-3dd0bfc38dca',

For more information, consult the full Drupal State documentation

API Reference

To see the API reference for @pantheon-systems/drupal-kit, visit our docs site


Please see the Contributing guide in our monorepo to contribute to the project.