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Pantheon Systems Next.js Kit

The @pantheon-systems/nextjs-kit consists of utilities and Next.js components for use in a Pantheon Front-End Site built with Next.js.


To install this package to use in your application:

npm install @pantheon-systems/nextjs-kit


@pantheon-systems/nextjs-kit is available as an ES or UMD module. Components and utility functions are available as named exports with type declarations and TSDoc comments included.

To import a component:

import { Component } from '@pantheon-systems/nextjs-kit';

To apply the styles from the nextjs-kit, import the css into your main _app component

// pages/_app.jsx

import '@pantheon-systems/nextjs-kit/style.css'


To import a helper utility:

import { utility } from '@pantheon-systems/nextjs-kit';

API Reference

To see the API reference for @pantheon-systems/nextjs-kit, visit our docs site


Please see the Contributing guide in our monorepo to contribute to the project.

  • Components should be created in the src/components.
  • Utilities for use in a Next.js app should be created in the src/lib directory.
  • Utilities for use in this Library that are not exposed as part of the API should be created in the utils directory
  • Follow the established export pattern to maintain proper module resolution.