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Pantheon Systems WordPress Kit

Utilities to help simplify the process of sourcing data from a WordPress backend for a Front-End Site hosted on Pantheon.


To install this package to use in your application:

npm install @pantheon-systems/wordpress-kit


Modules can be imported or required from the @pantheon-systems/wordpress-kit package.


  1. Import the module in your JavaScript application:
    import { GraphQLClientFactory } from '@pantheon-systems/wordpress-kit';
  2. Create an instance of the client and specify your API:
    const client = new GraphQLClientFactory(


  1. Import the plugin to your tailwind.config.js file
    const { tailwindcssPlugin } = require('@pantheon-systems/wordpress-kit');
  2. Add the plugin to your plugins array:
    /** @type {import('@pantheon-systems/wordpress-kit').TailwindcssConfig} */
    module.exports = {
    content: [ ... ],
    theme: { ... },
    plugins: [tailwindcssPlugin],
  3. (Optional) Extend the plugin or override the theme. See Extending the Default Theme for more information.

API Reference

To see the API reference, visit our docs site


Please see the Contributing guide in our monorepo for more information on contributing to the project.