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Using the `create-pantheon-decoupled-kit` CLI

create-pantheon-decoupled-kit, or the "CLI" is an npm package based on npm init. It is an executable JavaScript file that can be invoked via npm init pantheon-decoupled-kit, npx create-pantheon-decoupled-kit or similar commands from other package managers.

Before You Begin

To run create-pantheon-decoupled-kit, you will need Nodejs installed. We recommend the latest LTS version. You can install the CLI globally, or use npx, npm init, or the analogous commands from yor preferred package manager i.e. pnpm create to run the CLI.

To use the latest canary version, use the @canary tag when invoking the CLI. For example:

pnpm create pantheon-decoupled-kit@canary

Creating a Starter Kit

To generate a starter kit with the CLI, you can run the command with no arguments and follow the prompts.

The --help flag will show the help menu.

The terminal will show a diff for each file to be written. Skipping the file means it will not be written. Yes to all will force yes to all subsequent diffs, so be sure to avoid overwriting non-empty files when using this option.

If you know which generators you would like to run ahead of time, you can pass in generator names as space-separated positional arguments. For example:

npm init pantheon-decoupled-kit -- next-wp next-wp-acf-addon

The above command will generate a project with the next-wp generator, and the next-wp-acf-addon.


The CLI will not stop you from running any generators in any combination, but be aware that not all combination will result in a working application. If you run the CLI with multiple project generators, you may end up with some unexpected results. These project generators should be used only in conjunction with add-on generators to avoid broken output.


There are some utility add-ons that are available to any project. These add-ons are:

  • tailwindcss-addon

    This add-on will bootstrap a project with dependencies and config files necessary to start using tailwindcss. Minimal additional setup may be required, such as importing the css file or changing the paths in the tailwind.config.cjs

Available add-ons per project generator are as follows:

Project GeneratorAvailable Add-ons

For more detail on the available add-ons and their functionality, see the following docs:

Skipping Prompts and Automating Starter Kit Creation

To skip any prompts, use a double-dash argument when running the command. For example:

  # include generators as space separated positional arguments. npm init requires a double dash to allow forwarding options to the command
npm init pantheon-decoupled-kit -- next-drupal next-drupal-umami-addon \
# path to the project. This directory will be created if it does not exist
--outDir ./my-new-project-dir \
# package.json compatible name for the project
--appName @my-org/my-project \
# CMS from which data is sourced
--cmsEndpoint '' \
# skip all diff prompts -
# ⚠️ be careful using --force on non-empty directories
--force \
# squelch console output except for errors and return value from actions
--silent \
# prevent the package manager from running
# `install` after the project is created

The outDir argument is required for each generator. appName is only required for project generators. Generators may have their own prompts. If all arguments passed in do not fulfil all of the prompts needed to generate the output, the prompt will be asked in the terminal. Be sure to have all necessary arguments defined if you are using this pattern in a CI context.

Use the --help command to see available generators and some globally available flags.


See for more information regarding development with and contributing to the CLI.