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Setting Path Prefix For Testing Locally

Before You Begin

This guide assumes you are testing a Gatsby + WordPress site locally which is to be hosted at a subpath of the root, for example /docs, by using Gatsby's pathPrefix feature.

Setting The Path Prefix

See Gatsby's guide on Adding a Path Prefix for information on setting the pathPrefix if you are not using the starter kit.

If you are using the @pantheon-systems/gatsby-wordpress-starter, the environment variable process.env.PANTHEON_UPLOAD_PATH will be automatically set as the pathPrefix in the gatsby-config.js. To test this locally, set the PANTHEON_UPLOAD_PATH in your .env.development.local to the path you would like to test.

Updating The Build Command

In order to serve your site at the given path, the build and serve commands will need an extra flag, --prefix-paths. For example, here is the package.json scripts after updating the commands with the flag:

    "scripts": {
"build": "gatsby build --prefix-paths",
"serve": "gatsby serve --prefix-paths"

You may also set the PREFIX_PATHS environment variable before your build, for example:

PREFIX_PATHS=true gatsby build

If you are adding the pathPrefix to an app that did not previously use it, you may need to refactor some in app links. Verify all assets and links are still working. See Gatsby's guide on in-app linking for more information. The starter kit should work with or without a pathPrefix out of the box.