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Before You Begin

This document is meant to aid when troubleshooting common issues that arise when using the @pantheon-systems/next-wordpress-starter. For additional troubleshooting information related to the Pantheon platform, see Pantheon Front-End Sites Frequently Asked Questions.

Images Are Not Working

Local Development:

  1. Check that the IMAGE_DOMAIN environment variable is set in the .env.development.local file.
  2. Ensure the IMAGE_DOMAIN environment only contains the hostname. For example:
  3. Ensure that you are using the next/image component and that you set the src by constructing the IMAGE_DOMAIN and the image source. For example:
    // in the starter kit, the IMAGE_URL is available
    // as a constant which is exported from lib/constants.js
    import { IMAGE_URL } from '../../lib/constants';
    import Image from 'next/image';
    const MyPage = (props) => {
    // ensure the sourceUrl is a relative path, not an absolute URL
    // because we will append this to the IMAGE_URL
    const sourceUrl = props.url;
    const altText = props.alt;
    return (
    src={IMAGE_URL + sourceUrl}
    // remaining Image props...
    See The docs on the next/image component for more information.

Trouble Fetching Data From WordPress

  1. Ensure the WPGRAQPHQL_URL environment variable is set and contains the correct endpoint
  2. Ensure the WP GraphQL plugin is activated on WordPress