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Before You Begin

This document is meant to aid when troubleshooting common issues that arise when using the @pantheon-systems/next-wordpress-starter. For additional troubleshooting information related to the Pantheon platform, see Pantheon Front-End Sites Frequently Asked Questions.

Images Are Not Working

Local Development:

  1. Check that the IMAGE_DOMAIN environment variable is set in the .env.development.local file.
  2. Ensure the IMAGE_DOMAIN environment only contains the hostname. For example:
  3. Ensure that you are using the next/image component and that you set the src by constructing the IMAGE_DOMAIN and the image source. For example: jsx // in the starter kit, the IMAGE_URL is available // as a constant which is exported from lib/constants.js import { IMAGE_URL } from '../../lib/constants'; import Image from 'next/image'; const MyPage = (props) => { // ensure the sourceUrl is a relative path, not an absolute URL // because we will append this to the IMAGE_URL const sourceUrl = props.url; const altText = props.alt; return ( <> <Image src={IMAGE_URL + sourceUrl} alt={altText} // remaining Image props... /> </> ); }; See The docs on the next/image component for more information.

Trouble Fetching Data From WordPress

  1. Ensure the WPGRAQPHQL_URL environment variable is set and contains the correct endpoint
  2. Ensure the WP GraphQL plugin is activated on WordPress

Decoupled Kit Health Check is Failing Valid Builds

Opt Out With an Environment Variable

To opt out of the health check, set the NO_DKHC environment variable. If this variable is set to anything, the health check will be skipped.

Unset the variable to continue running the health check before the build step.

Remove the Health Check

After you begin editing content in your WordPress CMS, you may find the @pantheon-systems/decoupled-kit-health-check unnecessary. If you would like to remove it from the build step, follow the steps below:

  1. In a text editor, open the package.json
  2. Find the "scripts" and remove "decoupled-kit-health-check": "npx --prefer-offline @pantheon-systems/decoupled-kit-health-check wordpress"
  3. Edit the "build" script and remove npm run decoupled-kit-health-check && from the beginning of the script
  4. Find the "devDependencies" and remove @pantheon-systems/decoupled-kit-health-check, Or in a terminal, run npm rm @pantheon-systems/decoupled-kit-health-check